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                                    About us             

Global Food Broker (GFB) is the leading online food broker in the MENA region. With millions of online customers and multiple online platforms, GFB took its place in the major leagues of the online food brokers industry.

Launched in 2011, GFB managed to summon all the top names in the food industry under one roof, providing its client with the best purchasing experience online in this new market.

Taking a leap of faith into a new market, GFB was met with great success along with great revenue for its shareholders, making its way to the top of the investments market.

“Online food brokerage is the future of the food market” said GFB CEO, “Integrating the internet technology into this ancient market will change its face forever”

Global Food Broker is based in Dubai, UAE with multiple offices around the world to manage its international operations.


                         How It Works    

Designing your online shopping experience was a process we put a lot of thoughts and efforts into.

To bring the customer the online shopping experience which could provide him with many options, yet keep the process simple was no easy job.

In the end our user experience team managed to build a process summed sense and simplicity together.

Your online shopping process is as easy as those 4 steps:

  • Select the products
  • Add to cart
  • Checkout
  • Login / Register

Following those 4 easy steps will bring all the products and goods for your store with our door to door services in less than 5 days of work.

GFB offers the first and only online brokerage experience in the MENA region. Exploring new possibilities in this untapped market while building a value added business strategies.